Florida Power and Water Works is the region’s most comprehensive home repair and energy-efficiency consultation service. Providing local residents with home energy audits, water quality testing and home improvement services, we strive to limit our community’s carbon footprint, one home at a time.

Energy-Efficiency Projects

From insulating attics to applying window films, we strive to optimize your home, from foundation to roof. As recognized and respected experts in home efficiency, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners save an average of 30 percent on their monthly utility bills while increasing the resale value of their home.

Home Energy Audits

Pinpointing exactly where your home is wasting energy, our home energy audits are just the first step to creating an energy-efficient home. Comprehensive in nature, each audit highlights and addresses areas of concern, recommendations for repair and estimated savings.

Water Quality Testing

Though drinkable water is readily available to us in US cities, it’s not always as pure and chemical-free as we would prefer. Fluoride, mercury, aluminum, arsenic and a wide variety of other contaminants are regularly detected in sources of household tap water. Find out what’s lurking in your family’s drinking water with a water quality test by FPWW today.

Committed to quality, bound to integrity, we guarantee both superior workmanship and transparency with all that we do. Find out all the benefits of energy conservation by scheduling your home assessment today.

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