In an effort to protect our local environment, we designed our services to focus on reducing the amount of energy we use within our homes on a daily basis. At our core, we believe that every effort we make has the ability to make a marked difference on our local community.  We’ve deliberately chosen to offer home repair and improvement services that are proven to reduce our carbon footprint and increase your home’s efficiency.

Using only high-quality, energy-efficient, green building products, we offer conscientious homeowners affordable alternatives to high energy bills. Regardless of the size, location or age of your home, you can limit its unnecessary use of electricity and save money each and every month.

As your local handyman service, we focus on the following home improvement services:

  • SilverShield Radiant Barrier installation
  • Interior door installation
  • Attic insulation
  • Window replacement (partnering with area specialists)
  • Johnson window film application
  • Weather sealant application
  • Energy Efficient Painting Services

Discover the many environmental and energy efficiency benefits of eco-friendly home improvement and repairs by scheduling your free, in-home energy audit today. We don’t require a commitment from you to implement any change but we do promise that any improvement will soon pay for itself. Find out more by calling  Florida Power and Water Works Corp now.