At Florida Power Water Works Corp., we believe we can all do our part to combat the effects of climate change. In a concentrated effort to contribute to the protection of our environment, we focus a significant part of our business on performing in-home energy inspections. To us, it’s obvious that to fix a problem we first need to know just where it lies. Our home energy audits are designed to pinpoint and highlight areas of concern, while helping homeowners understand energy waste and its effects on both their wallet and the local environment.

Performed by a highly skilled and experienced home energy auditor, each inspection includes the assessment of all seals and barriers, checking for gaps in insulation, and airflow leaks. Through running infrared tests, we’re thorough in our approach, giving you sensible and affordable recommendations for repair.

  • Attic Inspections
  • Window Inspections
  • Insulation Inspections
  • Infrared gun to test heat dispersion

Schedule your free, no obligation home energy audit with Florida Power Water Works Corp. today. We promise flexible scheduling, prompt response times and honest results.