Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas are known for their hot summers, and this is one reason it is important that you have quality Daytona Beach insulation installed in your home. Daytona Beach insulation also helps keep the moisture in your home regulated. It is crucial to replace Daytona Beach insulation that shows signs of wear and tear, and Florida Power and Water Works wants to help you recognize these signs.

As your home ages, so does your Daytona Beach insulation, and it may begin the process of deterioration. When your Daytona Beach insulation starts to deteriorate, you will be faced with problems like increased utility bills and lack of temperature regulation within your home. Read on for the most common signs that you need to replace your Daytona Beach insulation.

Rodents and Insects

Damaged or aging Daytona Beach insulation makes a great place for squirrels, mice, and insects to call home. When your attic becomes infested with pests, they will use your insulation as a nest and will leave behind waste. If you have suspicions that your attic is hosting rodents and insects, contact your local pest control company to eliminate the problem before having your new Daytona Beach insulation installed.

Temperature Cannot Be Regulated

When your home is properly insulated it serves as a blockade between the outdoors and the indoors. If your Daytona Beach insulation is dated or damaged, your home’s temperature will not stay regulated. Have you noticed that your home is not staying as warm as it once was on the second floor? Contact Florida Power and Water Works to have a free home energy audit performed, and we will look for the source of your problem.

High Utility Bills

Do you notice that you cannot regulate the temperature of the air inside your home, and therefore your heating and air conditioning systems are working in overdrive to try to keep the temperature constant? If you answered yes, then you most definitely have seen the results of this each month – higher utility bills. Florida Power and Water Works is dedicated to helping homeowners reduce their utility bills by up to 30 percent or more. Once we perform our free home energy audit we can show you how you can make changes to make your home more energy efficient.

Deteriorating Insulation

The best way to tell if your Daytona Beach insulation has seen better days is to touch it with a gloved hand. If crumbles to pieces upon being touched, it’s time to have new Daytona Beach Insulation installed.

Have you noticed any of the above signs with your Daytona Beach insulation? Maybe you cannot access your attic to diagnose any potential issues. No matter the age of your home or the location of the access to your attic, Florida Power and Water Works can help assess where your home could be made more energy efficient. Contact us today toll-free at 833-912-1148 to schedule a free home energy, no obligation audit!